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There was a time when records were the definitive way to hear music. When your favorite albums were preceded by the expectant click of a needle in the groove and the crackling of vinyl spinning on a turntable. When bands like The Who, The Stones and Led Zeppelin reigned supreme. This is the heritage of The Pinx, their down-and-dirty rock & roll cut from the same revolutionary cloth.

The Pinx—their name a not-so-subtle nod to their left-wing politics (something they share with heroes/mentors the MC5)—formed in 2007, the brainchild of guitarist/producer Adam McIntyre. After coming off of hiatus in 2016, the band celebrates its tenth anniversary this year with new album Freedom. Despite the album’s ‘70s-rock roots, “It’s not entirely an ode to guitar riffs,” says McIntyre. “A lot of the stuff I learned about songwriting during my decade in Nashville came back. Not the formulaic bro-country aspect, but folks like Todd Snider and Dan Baird. Smart, funny guys who write songs that reflect themselves well. I wanted some of that to come through. It all has to mix with the rock & roll and the blues and soul and everything.”

After hitting their 2016 goals of releasing a new album, opening for international acts on big stages (Blue Oyster Cult, Electric Six, Dick Dale); getting rave reviews both in the U.S. and Europe; being featured on the soundtrack to biker-slasher film Frankenstein Created Monsters; scoring song placements on television, including some Fox Sports Network and NASCAR action; the band is taking 2017 to focus on touring, creating new music and releasing a special limited-edition run of Freedom on gorgeous rainbow-colored vinyl.

With each band member having been influenced by classic-rock luminaries including The Kinks, the MC5, Jimi Hendrix, Blood Sweat and Tears, The Who and Led Zeppelin, the band continues its quest to make unaffected, true music that will stand the test of time.

The Pinx Adam McIntyre, Chance McColl, Jonathan Lee, Dwayne Jones Atlanta Freedom album cover art
Rock All Night // The Pinx - Freedom
  1. Rock All Night // The Pinx - Freedom
  2. Southern Gentleman // The Pinx - Freedom
  3. Baby Don’t // The Pinx - Freedom
  4. Blue Dream // The Pinx - Freedom
  5. Sun House // The Pinx - Freedom
  6. Other Side // The Pinx - Freedom
  7. Ballad of the Bands // The Pinx - Freedom
  8. Boss Man // The Pinx - Freedom
  9. I Got the Cure // The Pinx - Freedom
  10. Baby Won’t Ya // The Pinx - Freedom