Adam mcIntyre featuring Wayne Kramer

Adam McIntyre releases new single, Do The Damn Thing, featuring Wayne Kramer, the legendary guitarist, and co-founder of the seminal rock band the MC5.

The MC5 came up in Detroit’s bustling music scene in the late Sixties and is considered to be one of the most influential American rock bands of all time. Wayne Kramer has also released several solo albums, including his latest, Lexington in 2014.

Do The Damn Thing is a depression mantra of mine; “I know you say you can’t do this but you need to, just do the damn thing, and then the damn thing will be done”. I wouldn’t tell it to someone else but it’s been what I said as my feet touched the floor many, many times. I’ve been singing that chorus for years. It started to sound like Big Joe Turner in my head, and when I sat down to record it and write the verses, it came out a lot more Chuck Berry. I was about halfway through recording it when I just started laughing at an idea I had. It was too joyful of an idea to not check to see if it was possible; “I bet Wayne Kramer would nail this first guitar solo.” I sent him my rough mix at the end of the day of recording it and said “I’d love it if you could do the first guitar solo in the song. I have a feeling you’ll know exactly what to do.” He did. A few days later he sent me the solo and guess what? It sounds exactly like Wayne Kramer, the ignition spark of the MC5. Imagine that!

Adam McIntyre

“Do the Damn Thing” is a blistering two minute blues guitar explosion with a call to action to just, do the damn thing!