New music from The Pinx! The “Electric!” EP is out now on all digital platforms, including an Extremely High Definition version on Bandcamp.

“We deliberately created the most lean, energetic rock guitar fest that Chance (McColl, Lead Guitar and Vocals) and I could muster,” Adam McIntyre says. “Chuck (Wiles, Bass and Backing Vocals) and Cayce (Buttrey, Drums and Backing Vocals) brought the thunder to our lightning and I feel like my singing on this EP puts my best rock foot forward. My solos are some of the favorites I’ve ever recorded, too.”

Comparing the cover art of the single ‘It’s Electric’ to the band’s previous LP, McIntyre offers a perfect analogy: “‘It’s Electric’ is the black leather jacket to the brown leather jacket of Sisters & Brothers.”

Listen Here:

The Pinx; Electric EP