The premiere: The music video for The Pinx’s track “Mercy!” from their third album, Sisters & Brothers.

The band: The Atlanta-based rock band — composed of Chance McColl, Cayce Buttrey, Charles Wiles, and Adam McIntyre — have traveled the country earning loyal fans with their shameless Southern-simmered, whiskey-soaked rock anthems.

For fans of: The band’s 2016 album, Freedom, rowdy dueling guitars, and ’70s classic rock ’n’ roll that leaves no choice but to party.

I was somewhere out of town about to play a show, talking to someone, when a lady slapped my ass,” McIntyre says. “I’ve worked in enough restaurants where that kind of thing was rampant, so I just kind of turned my head while I kept talking and watched as this lady turned ghost white when she realized she’d slapped a stranger on the ass, not her husband. She apologized later.”

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