From New Noise Magazine:

The “Hammer of The Dogs” video was created by Mad Alchemy featuring oil projections by Lance Gordon. “It’s still a mystery how or why these lifelike faces appear in the video, but I guess that’s where the magic begins,” Gordon says.

Watch the video here:

“Mad Alchemy art is a combination ’60s San Francisco analog light show utilizing ink, dye, mineral oil, and rubbing alcohol sandwiched between glass plates. These plates are spun on converted overheads with LED light sources. Each plate has a video camera filming these liquid combinations with signals going to laser projectors. ‘Hammer of The Dogs” was performed with four sets of plates, projected and then re-filmed live, no Photoshop!”

Adam McIntyre of The Pinx says, “First off, both Lance and I were stunned to see the face of a dog as the video starts. Lance doesn’t have the ability to make those plates create faces or characters; it’s just oil and clear plates and a feel for the music that happens throughout. It requires skill to make the show work, but there’s no way to say ‘I’m gonna make this plate make the face of a dog in the oil.’ Lance just has a really good feel for working with the oils while listening to the music and giving us something cool to look at.” 

Mad Alchemy has worked such festivals as Desert Daze and projected their oil light show at Red Rocks. They have worked with Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Circles Around The Sun, Earthless, Graveyard, Radio Moscow, and more.