For a long time, I’ve felt fine with depriving myself of live music. It was for the greater good. Anxiety rode up and set up camp and told me that maybe I didn’t even miss live music.

A few nights ago I went to Bogg’s Social and watched a few bands. It was intensely emotional. The bands had all worked so hard. They were all so happy to be on stage. They all belonged there. A part of me that felt more like a ghost had come back to life. Live music is everything. Absolutely everything. It is the fire burning in this long night.

We have a show coming up at the same place: Bogg’s. The fire will be literal as well as metaphorical. We’re playing with bands who are not only master musicians but also showmen, and frankly every minute from now until I get to stand on that stage will be utter torture.

This isn’t about me, my ego, my band, or even rock. It is about music and the effect it has on us all. Remember the way your guts feel when a loud bass hits you? Remember your heart when a kick drum syncs up perfectly with you? Do you remember the feeling of freedom when a distorted guitar’s A chord erases your day and replaces that feeling of defeat with something better and truer?

October 8th.
Get. Fucking. Ready.